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Who we are?

Bence Gánti
Founder and President of Integral Academy, integral psychologist (MA), clinical psychologist.

Being a certified psychologist, he earned his MA degree at ELTE University in Budapest, in 1999. He wrote his thesis on Ken Wilber’s integral theory. His „love” with integral started in 1997, when he first met Wilber’s book, Brief History of Everything. At that time, Bence had already been practicing meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, and pursued transpersonal psychology. He had a desire to integrate everything, because he realized, that each system has an important contribution, and none is full in it’s own.
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Horváth Örs
economic and marketing affairs

I'm 39 years old, married, father of two children, living with my family near Budapest. In June 2011, I graduated at the Integral Academy. I got in contact with psychology 10 years ago, I learned autogenic training, and I was visiting psychodrama course.
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Bobák Szilvi
marketing and communication affairs

I coordinate the marketing and communication tasks of the Integral Academy; editing the webpage, organizing programs and dealing with alumni affairs. The Academy was launched in 2006, I was member of the first class, and I graduated in 2009.
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Harkai Szilvi
academic and student affairs, program organisation

I have graduated at the Integral Academy. I was always interested in the relationship between psychology and spirituality. While spirituality is part of my life since I was 12 years old, psychology began to really seriously interesting to me in the last few years.
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Vörös Ágnes
Pénzügyek és adminisztratív ügyek

Az Integrál Akadémián pénzügyi és egyéb adminisztrációs feladatok elvégzésével foglalkozom. Az elmúlt 15 évben mérlegképes könyvelőként dolgoztam könyvelőirodákban, gazdasági társaságoknál, jelenleg adótanácsadói képzésre járok.
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Attila Viszkok
Graphic designer

I am responsible for the graphic design of the printed materials of Integral Academy. I have been offered the first bigger task from the Academy, namely to create an overall visual presence of the school in 2012 for the Night of Museums. We have been working together since then.
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Andrea Szokács
Online communications and visual consultant

My first duty as an online communication person was to create a brand new website for the Integral Academy. I was responsible for the whole project management including structural planning, design briefing and the coordination of the whole development process along with uploading content and SEO of texts.
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József Kabai
Business data processing

Recently I am the managing director of Távügyvitel Ltd. that's core business is the development and distribution of business data-processin softwares. I am a grate fan and supporter of integral theory.
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