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Who we are?

Bence Gánti

Being a certified psychologist, he earned his MA degree at ELTE University in Budapest, in 1999. He wrote his thesis on Ken Wilber’s integral theory. His „love” with integral started in 1997, when he first met Wilber’s book, Brief History of Everything. At that time, Bence had already been practicing meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, and pursued transpersonal psychology. He had a desire to integrate everything, because he realized, that each system has an important contribution, and none is full in it’s own.

He was stunned, and very happy, when he met Wilber’s books, realizing, that someone did the job. At that time Wilber and integral was unknown to Hungary, no books were translated, and even psychologist have never heard of that. Bence felt a strong impulse to spread integral in Hungary both for the professionals and for the spiritual, and lay people, because he felt that this is the next evolutionary leap.

The work has been successful. The culmination of this decade long effort now is Integral Academy, that systematically trains peoples minds, hearts, and actions to integral psychology, and above that to an integral life.

Besides the studies on the University Bence has been a private student of László Honti for six years, who is considered by many the most authentic spiritual person and therapist in Hungary. Additionally on his professional career track learned integrative hypnotherapy, short-term psychoanalytic therapies, psychodrama, and clinical psychology.

Besides running the academy, and teaching integral he has a private psychotherapy praxis in Budapest, and has been giving workshops since 2003. Bence loves to travel, he traveled India, Thailand, and Burma, doing meditation retreats, mostly vipassana. He also appears since 2003 in the US more and more, where he learned Integral Psychotherapy from Integral Institute, and met Ken Wilber and other Integral Institute stuff. These meetings reinforce his mission in integral.Az Integrál Akadémia alapító elnöke és szakmai vezetője vagyok. Integrál szemléletű pszichológus, klinikai szakpszichológus.

E-mail: info@integralakademia.hu

Website: www.benceganti.org

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