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Louise Bloemen

She introduced herself at the summer university of Hungarian Transpersonal Association with the group-work entitled the „inner couple”. She has been leading successful workshops since that time in Hungary, on self-knowledge as well as numerous individual sessions. She is also an outstanding lecturer and a healer. Louise combines various methods like Hellinger family constellations, Gestalt therpay, TA and breathwork, during her spontaneous and creative style of work.

Louis was born in the Netherlands in 1943. She has been working as a Gestalt therapist and relational trainer for 30 years. Following her interest in her inner development, archetypes, past lives and cellular memory became essential parts of her transpersonal work. She takes into consideration not only the client’s personal abilities and psychological states but also their whole energetic, relational being and their basic, pure essence.

Louise Bloemen leads experiential groups at Integral Academy, especially Hellinger family constellations and Gestalt.


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