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Brigitte Fatima Wingelmayr

She was born in 1951 in Austria. During her twenties, she lived in the USA, Austria and Hungary. When she was 18 she converted to Greek Orthodox religion. She studied comparative religious studies in Pennsylvania. Then she got cancer at the age of 25 and her experience during the operation meant the biggest spiritual wake-up call. She found that her body was her toughest and best teacher. Out of this experience, she developed a body consciousness training. Later he moved back to Austria, and traveled the East. In Asia, in Kazakhstan a female shaman predicted her that shamanism would play an important role in her life - long before this fact became a reality. Then she followed the Sufi tradition for 20 years, where she did the 40 days fasting twice in Istanbul and in Kónya. Her Sufi sheikh is Oruc-Guvenc, who is a lineage holder of two Sufi tradition and a psychologist professor at the same time in Istanbul. In this 20-years period Brigitte she converted to Muslim, as the authentic Sufi world requires that. She did her pilgrimage to Mecca. The specialty of this Sufi order is a mixture of ancient Eastern music therapy, shamanism and Sufism. In Turkey Brigitte studied music therapy, dervish dancing, and shamanic dances. She was seriously learning Sufi philosophy, the control of consciousness, opening the heart and acceptance – some core spiritual qualities, that emanates around her today.

After spending 20 years with her Sufi master, and having gone through a profound converting state to stage spiritual transformation she slowly let go of the formal tradition to find her authentically own way, maturing into a spiritual master on her own. She also received teachings form her ’spiritual grandmother’ who had a Rose Cross Order and also Buddhist background. During the sun eclipse in 1999 she realized that the age of churches, religions, and fix systems are over. She realized, that Christ consciousness is available to everybody who is opens up to it.  Then she was guided from within to concentrate more on the Earth. She studied Krisnamurti’s teachings and got in touch with the Findhorn Community in Scotland. She opened her own spiritual centre in Austria in the remote mountains. The family-style spiritual center, that resembles more a mixture of indian karakul and new age awakening culture, is constructed to symbolizes the cosmos. The heart of the house is an Earth entrance with root-shaped lobby made of argil and rocks to imply that we should find our way back to our roots before we can take off again.

Later she lived together with a medium for a while who taught her a new cosmic perspective on life. Then she did a 7 week (50 days) long self-retreat in Dobogókő, a sacred place in a Hungarian mountain, in the forest. During the last 7 days of this solitude and silence she did not eat, drink and sleep at all. In this austere retreat she saw inner visions in which she was called the Rainbow Woman, and also she was called by the “older”  brothers of the Native Americans of North America. Later guidance took her to the USA, where he actually met them, and she was accepted at a North American Indian healing community and after receiving teachings, they authorized her to teach.

With such an astonishing background and sincere aspiration of decades Brigitte is an authentic spiritual teacher and healer, who’s energy lift people up and purify. She has been visiting Hungary for more than ten years, giving workshops and lectures.

Brigitte Fatima Wingelmayr gives Sufi-based workshops at the Integral Academy.


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