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If you read these lines then you are most probably one of those Europeans who think and practice the integral theory in their own lives – just like us. In the past decade we could witness the appearance and significant strengthening of integral consciousness in Europe that has its own special, European characteristics.

Integral thinking flourishes in special manifestations here in Europe, moreover the countries as specific cultures show different sides of this unbelievably colourful world. By today it has become a spacious community and the members did connect here and there – on Facebook for example – or have heard about each other; some other members and communities have started already working together on projects or run successful services, enterprises together throughout Europe.

This continent-sized community has been waiting to step out of invisibility and see one another live and finally meet at a huge European gathering! Participants come from all over the world. The European organising team has decided that Budapest will organise this summit. The Hungarian (Integral Academy) and the international team (Integral Europe Team) has joined together and German, Spanish, British, Russain and other communities adjoined too.

As it is quite predictable in an integral community, the „fizzling” is already very high.
The venue is the great hall of the Millenáris Park. This venue is capable of accomodating our own Hungarian community and a further 500 persons from more than 20 countries so that we can live through this breathtakingly global experience together.

Save the date and be there with us: 8-11 May 2014!

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