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Ildikó Hodnik

My name is Ildikó Hodnik, I’m a jorunalist, writer, lifestyle counsellor. I was born under the Virgo Zodiac sign (who likes rationality), but with a receptivity to transcendental secrets at the same time – thanks to my Scorpio ascendant. I like both of these qualities in myself.

The „body of the soul” has made me a writer. The book dealing with the phenomena of the aura is the result of fifteen years of research – the writing itself took me seven years. There are quotations, teachings, theories, experiments and experiences in my book, but I also added my own experiences. This way I try to tempt the reader to try to find his/her own way. I warn on many occasions for the dangers that might touch spiritual seekers, but at the same time I encourage to everyone to think and ask new questions. While I was collecting data I found that even in the background of parapsychological phenomena there are physical laws. There are energies and vibrations hidden behind the components of the world and part of these may be sensed by sensitive, receptive people. I was interested in the invisible, but sensible energies surrounding people and in the way these energies may connect with one another.

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