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Melinda Egedi-Kovács

„I deeply believe in empathy, in loving care for all livin beings, in non-violence and in that we are all responsible for the way our own lives and the life of our planet is formed."

Melinda had a peculiar childhood. Her parents are economists, people of rationality, but at the same time they are both lovers of art, their human literacy is of high level. The lack of nature in her surroundings in Budapest tortures her during all her childood: from the age of 5 she flees from home not once, to „find the forests”. Sometimes she stays among branches of trees for days, she sleeps there without eating at all. She feels she gets tired of the world and at the top of trees, where there is no time and personality is dissolved, she is free and happy. In high school she is only interested in arts: she writes a lot, she is talented in drawing, dancing and singing.

In 2004 she founds a band and records her songs written so far on CD. This CD is launched by her London agent in England, Australia and Hungary. In 2006 she leaves her own Hungarian mission and takes care of her connections in India only and she also gets acquainted with native American and shamanistic practices. From 2007 she teaches, sings and organizes esoteric festivals. From 2008 she publishes in Elixír Magazine as editor.

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